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About Denise

Denise Little worked for Barnes & Noble/B. Dalton Bookseller as a bookstore manager and as their national book buyer for science fiction, fantasy, and romance.  She launched the company’s genre magazine, Heart to Heart, and wrote it for its first two years of existence.

She then joined Kensington Publishing, where she had her own imprint, Denise Little Presents. After that, she became a book packager, working as executive editor at Tekno Books for Dr. Martin H. Greenberg.

She’s now an agent with the Ethan Ellenberg Agency in New York.

During her career, she’s edited more than twenty New York Times bestselling writers.  Her books, published and forthcoming, include The Valdemar Companion(with John Helfers), Alien Pets, Perchance To Dream, Twice Upon a Time (winner of the New York Public Library’s 100 Best Books of the Year Award), Dangerous MagicConstellation of CatsRealms of Dragons,The Quotable CatMurder Most Romantic, Mistresses of the Dark, Alaska: True Adventures in the Last Frontier (with Spike Walker), Creature Fantastic, Vengeance Fantastic, The Magic Shop, Sorcerer’s AcademyWitches Brew (with Yvonne Jocks), Words of the Witches (with Yvonne Jocks), and The Nora Roberts Companion. Her short fiction is included in Civil War Fantastic and Alternate Gettysburgs.

“I have worked with Denise for years and I am delighted she is joining my agency as an agent. Her expertise, passion and commitment to authors and books makes her an ideal colleague for us. Every client that works with Denise will have the full support and backing of the agency, including access to our substantial foreign rights marketing and our contacts in Hollywood and beyond”.

–Ethan Ellenberg

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